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Track Sprinter TestimonialAs a Hurdler one of my biggest challenges was “focusing on my own lane”. I have been coached and trained for years to not worry about other athletes in my race, however my conscious has gotten the best of me more times than I’d like to admit. I always found it hard not to think about the things that could go wrong the day or night leading up to the finals of an event…

I’ll never forget the evening I spoke with Dr. Chea Hutton before the finals of one of the biggest races in my early career. She helped me dissect my thoughts and recognize that “focusing on my own lane” meant more than what I got out of it.  In hindsight, I see that trying to not think about the competition actually made me think about the competition.  I now understand how important it is to flood my mind with previous accomplishments, and to visualize and feel each part of my race one hurdle at a time. I’ve come to realize by doing this all the things that could go wrong have turned into all the things that could go right. I ended up winning that race, setting a PR for myself, and was named the 400 meter hurdle champion that year.

– Kevin H

I sought treatment from Dr. Chea for chronic migraine headaches after trying every available treatment short of brain surgery. For over 10 years I’d been either in the middle of an attack, recovering from one, or coming down with the next one. At the time I started Neurofeedback, I was averaging 8 attacks per month; there were weeks when I had a migraine every day. I was depressed, exhausted, and unable to work.

 I went into Neurofeedback with a great deal of skepticism, and with very low expectations, but the treatment didn’t require my belief in it to work. After one month my migraine attacks were down by 50%. After two months the frequency decreased further: I have had only one migraine in the last 30 days, and I continue to feel better every day. Now when I encounter a trigger, it’s as if my brain refuses to “take the bait.”

 Neurofeedback is a game-changer. This treatment has helped me more than anything I have ever tried. The results have been profound and lasting. Because of Dr. Chea’s proficiency, she was able to adapt the treatment to achieve specific, rapid results. She is a compassionate, perceptive person, and I deeply appreciated her optimistic attitude and professional approach. It would be difficult to overstate the positive impact Neurofeeedback has had on the quality of my life. I am working and enjoying life again. I could not be more grateful for the caring, expert treatment I received from Dr. Chea.

– Vicki R

Dr. Chea taught me excellent organization tools that help me to this day in keeping my mind focused and sharp when it comes to my training. Her skills have proven valuable not only in sport but in the every day marathon that I call my life!”

5x Mexican National Champion

4x World Championship Competitor

– Luis HFigure Skating Testimonial

Dr. Chea has helped me reach my true potential by teaching me where to focus my attention. Working with her has built my confidence and taken me from 12th place to the top.

– Kim Baer

At the time of this writing August 2012, I’ve had 16 neurofeedback sessions with Dr. Chea. I have had trouble sleeping thru the night for 22 years. Many nights I slept 3 hours or less. This has been most challenging when I am to awaken at 4:30 or 5:00 am for work. After my first 3 sessions with Dr. Chea, I began sleeping better. I am now able to sleep 6 to 8 hours the majority of nights even when I am to awaken early the next morning.  This neurofeedback treatment and the resulting ability to sleep, has dramatically changed my life for the better. I am able to function with a clearer mind and contribute to the people in my life in a more spirited, positive way. Dr. Chea’s personality and presence is very warm and caring, which allowed me to relax and feel comfortable right away. The treatments were relaxing and effortless. This has been a very positive and beneficial experience.

– James R

Figure Skating TestimonialDr. Chea has really helped me learn how to focus, stay calm, and keep my mind clear of distractions. Figure Skating is 90% mental and Dr. Chea has help keep my mental game strong. I have medalled 5 of my last 6 trips to US Nationals and have traveled around the world. I am moving forward and Dr. Chea is a big reason for that.

– Chris K.


“I‘ve enjoyed working with Dr. Hutton for several months now and have noticed an improvement in my mental focus and ability to handle stress. I am now working on improving my sleep and elevating my mood without pharmaceuticals. Dr. Hutton is wonderful to work with!”

– Cindy H

I started Neurofeedback with Dr. Hutton to help my golf game. I would become very frustrated in practice and on the course. These frustrations only led to poor performance. Dr. Hutton explained the Neurofeedback  process to me at each stage and I always knew why we were doing what we were doing.  After only a handful of sessions with Dr. Hutton I was noticeably calmer in both practice and on course. I could also report more focus in everyday activities. I enjoy the game more now and am performing better. I am able to mentally “recover” from situations that would often have ruined my scorecard and enjoyment oGolf Testimonialf the round. The quality of my practice has greatly improved as I am more focused and able to deal with setbacks. 

Thanks Dr. Hutton!

– Tom P