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About Dr. Chea Hutton

Chea Hutton, Ph.D., earned her BA in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, her MA in Sport Counseling from the San Diego University for Integrative Studies and her Ph.D. in Sport Psychology from San Diego University for Integrative Studies. For her thesis project, Chea designed and developed a self-efficacy scale for figure skating performance. Her dissertation project utilized this scale to assess the relationship between competitive figure skaters’ self-efficacy, competitive success and peer modeling. During her graduate work, Chea was fortunate to study under the tutelage of Dr. Bruce Olgivie, the Grandfather of North American Sport Psychology.

Chea is a current member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, AASP. She has been a Sport Psychology Consultant to professional cyclists and college athletes consisting of cheerleaders, runners and football players.  Majority of her clients are competitive figure skaters. She has also worked with synchronized skating and ice hockey teams to develop cohesion, as well as assisted in enhancing the communication skills between the coaches and athletes.  Plus she has also presented at Nation wide seminars for the Professional Skaters Association, which was geared toward coaches. She has also conducted seminars for skaters and parents.

Chea is successfully using Neurofeedback with adults and children to diminished the symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress, ADD/ADHD, focus, attention difficulties, OCD, pain and performance enhancement.

Currently, Chea also spends her time as a figure skating coach. One of her passions is figure skating.  She was a competitive figure skater for twelve years, achieving her gold medal in moves in the field, ice dancing and freestyle. She was a regional gold medalist in Intermediate Ladies and a National bronze medalist in synchronized skating. She has coached and consulted Junior National, National and International competitors.

Chea strives to teach her clients how to dependably achieve peak performances through sport consulting and neurofeedback.  Her main focuses are performance enhancement, confidence development, coping with competitive pressure, assisting with injury rehabilitation and providing motivation and inspiration for her athletes.